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September born lawmaker: Politics is about giving back-Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala

September born lawmaker: Politics is about giving back-Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala

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September born lawmaker:
Politics is about giving back-Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala

-Politics is all about the people.

Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala, the lawmaker representing Ogbomoso North, South, and Orire Federal constituency at the 10th National Assembly . Born to an illustrious family of the late Former Governor of Oyo State, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, the young, vibrant, and energetic new-generation politician has greatness thrust upon him with his new legislative assignments.

But as an experienced public administrator who is equally exposed to global best practices in leadership, Hon. Olamijuwonlo, one of Nigeria’s youngest Federal lawmakers is a man to beat. Urbane, yet rooted in the understanding of people’s needs; born with a silver spoon, yet simple and unassuming; educated in some of the renowned institutions in the world, yet humbled and down-to-earth.
For someone born where service to the people is considered the ultimate gift of existence, Hon. Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala has carried himself with grace, poise, and a sense of responsibility. In effect, what is most achieved in old age; is what he is doing at a relatively young age: serving the people with their interests at heart. He is undoubtedly one of Oyo State’s and by large Nigeria’s most promising, finest, and brightest stars in this new political dispensation.
He had an exclusive interview as regards his birthday which happened to be on the 9th of September with our correspondent in the person of Okoloji kosisochukwu Vivian in his Office in National Assembly.

Nassnews: Can you briefly introduce yourself sir.

Hon. Akala: My name is Olamijuwonlo Alao Akala. I represent Ogbomoso North, South and Oriire federal constituency in Oyo State.

Nassnews: How did you celebrate your birthday.

Hon. Akala: My birthday is a day when I give back to the society and it wasn’t different this year. The peculiar thing about this years’ birthday is that I was celebrated as an honourable member, his excellency the speaker Hon. Tajudeen Abbas sent me a birthday cake, pleasantries and other gifts. My birthday is always special to me because It’s a day I reflect. I thank God for the gift of life because it’s not by might or strength but by his grace. So it’s literally a day i rejoice and reflect on my life and give God the glory.

Nassnews: How do you feel to be born in Nigeria.

Hon. Akala: I feel lucky, I feel I’m fortunate to be born in a country flowing with milk and honey especially at times like this, where there’s a paradigm shift. I’m happy to be born in Nigeria because currently, things are changing. The youths are beginning to participate and concern theirselves with the affairs of the country unlike before. The youths are now taking the bull by the horn. Like I tell people that, is no longer the future is for the youths but rather today is for us the youth. I’m glad to be part of this change and new dawn.

Nassnews: Politics or business? which do you choose.

Hon. Akala: Politics of course, that’s why I’m here.

Nassnews: What were you doing before politics.

Hon.Akala: I’m into a lot of things. I’m a season broadcaster radio station. I’m also a farmer. I have farms and I’m also into production and manufacturing. I’m generally into business and I’m a contractor. I’m also into Oil and Gas, I have a couple of petrol and gas stations.

Nassnews: Can we have a background knowledge.

Hon.Akala: I grew up in a middle class home. My dad was a policeman. I went to school at St.Mary’s private school Lagos Island, I also schooled in Federal Government College Ogbomoso , Finished my Secondary school at Rainbow college for boys Lagos. Got my first degree from Covenant University and my second degree in computer and information sciences from Lead City University. I served in Oyo State Government house Secretariat in Ibadan. After serving, I started working. I worked with TDB Global Ventures, TDB global ventures is into Oil and Gas, into marketing and general ventures. I worked there until I became a local government chairman in 2017, After which I became an executive chairman of Ogbomoso local government. Then I became a member of House of Representative. That’s my journey so far.

Nassnews: Currently, what would you say about your political exercise.

Hon.Akala: It’s been a positive one and i give God the glory for putting me in this position. Politics is all about giving back to your community and ensure that your community and the government are in tandem and the synergy is perfect. Basically politics is about the people. It’s just all about want people want. That’s why i have to pay close attention to them as well as listen to them from time to time.

Nassnews: What’s your plan for your constituency?

Hon.Akala: My plan is to make sure that my people are in touch with the government, make sure that laws that will ease their everyday activities are passed, laws that will ensure that my people will be able to strive in business and opportunities. As a lawmaker , I think that’s the best I can do. I’m not an executive, so I won’t say is in my duty to execute projects for them. Even if i choose to assist with some projects, I won’t count them as my achievement as a lawmaker. So my primary concern is to be able to pass laws and motions that will ensure that my people are covered. I will make sure my people have a fair playing ground to do business, a fair playing ground to thrive and as well live as Nigerians. I’m staying focused to my primary assignment. I’ve been able to move a motion on the ‘Urgent call for the provision of first responder services to the victims of road accidents’ .

Nassnews: What is the reason for the motion on the ‘Urgent call for the provision of first responder services to the victims of road accidents’.

Hon.Akala: firstly, A first responder is a person with specialized training, who provides immediate assistance at the scene of emergency, such as road accident, disaster, medical emergency and many more. These responders includes the likes of law enforcement officers, medical technicians, military and security forces. My reason for this motion is due to a worrisome number of lives lost on the high way, who could have been saved if an emergency team was at alert.
I personally have travelled and witnessed a lot of accidents. For instance, last year February, i lost two people, my God-son and his mom to high way accident, If there was a team like first responders on that road, i might not lose them. But due to delays, lack of emergency squads by the time we got to the hospital, they already lost a lot of blood and died. that’s just mine, Imagine other people who has lost their life or that of their loved one on this same course.

Nassnews: What do you have to say about the removal of fuel subsidy?

Hon. Akala: It’s a welcome idea. It’s something that we’ve been yearning for a long time. The last government was at the verge of doing it but couldn’t succeed, So it’s a welcome development. Just pleading with people to be patient, Yes, there’s hardship in the land, but it will gradually reduce. We will soon start seeing the changes.

Nassnews: What do you have to say about the present government.

Hon.Akala: Currently the present government is up and running. They have been able to pass a couple of policies that are helping the Nigerian government and of course the people. They’ve been able to secure a lot of deals that would help the country with foreign investment. Right now, Nigerian can do a lot of foreign investments to help with our GDP and also to help with our foreign exchange. Currently the president is going around trying to strengthen our bilateral ties with other nations. Like I tell people , government shouldn’t be judged immediately, a minimum of 12 months to 18 months should be given to start accessing their impact. So far, this government has already shown that it’s up and running, and has taken the bull by the horn. So, Nigerians should please be patient with this government. When one gives birth to a new born baby, the baby will first sit before crawling and finally walking. So I urge everyone to give this new government time. His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a strategist, he’s experienced and he knows his onions.

Nassnews: What’s your advice to Nigeria in general.

Hon.Akala: Let us be united, Let us love our country. Let us be united as a people no matter who leads or not. The only common thing we all have is Nigeria, So let’s love our country and keep praying for Nigeria. Let our slogan be God bless Nigeria. Let’s unify ourselves and stay in that unity and believe in our country Nigeria, and hopefully with that believe , we will push it to where it ought to be.

Thank you.

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