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Nigeria First before anything else – Hon Abubakar Makki Yelleman

Nigeria First before anything else - Hon Abubakar Makki Yelleman

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Nigeria First before anything else – Hon Abubakar Makki Yelleman

Hon Abubakar Makki Yelleman is a Nigerian politician at the house of Representatives level, Abubakar Yelleman serves as the Federal representative representing Malamo Madori / Kaugama federal contituency in the 10th National Assembly, he hails from Adamawa state.
As regards his Ad-hoc committee, had an interview with our correspondent Okoloji kosisochukwu Vivian.

Nassnews: For the readers, can you start by introducing yourself hon.

Hon. Yelleman: My name is Abubakar Makki Yelleman, I’m from Jigawa state and I represent Malamo Madori / Kaugama Constituency.

Nassnews: What brought about your Ad-hoc committee?

Hon Yelleman: I’m a member of the chamber who brought up a motion that is related to tax waivers and tax incentives. The house unanimously agreed that an Ad-hoc committee should be set up and it was accomplished, luckily I was the chairman of that committee. So far, we publish our news through Newspaper, television and also write letters to all stakeholders concerned and as well getting responds from the stakeholders. Currently, the meeting is still ongoing, even though our intention is to quickly round up and submit reports, because there is a standby committee on board. Right now, we are preparing our tentative report to submit and look for a stage for the importance and widening of our committee.

Nassnews: In the beginning there are tax waivers and there are taxes as well, so what is the focus of this Ad-hoc committee, is it to checkmate the tax waivers or include some taxes for the masses.

Hon Yelleman: The aim is not really about checkmating anybody, the committees target is to ensure that the tax payers money is transparent and accountable for. In the sense that those who are giving waivers, will have a criteria to qualify to receive waivers, and tax incentives, after qualification, compliance to the agreement with the minister of finance,NNPC, custom and many is expected. But I’m a case of where one fails to comply with the agreement after receiving a waiver, will will call such person to book.

Nassnews: If any agency or parastatal is caught in the act of receiving waivers without meeting up with the required criteria, what are the likely punishment for this offence and how will the public have confidence again in this humble committee.

Hon. Yelleman: My committee is not a court, but we have a leader, so we gather all the information, make a report of it and submit it to the parliament preliminary, then it’s now up to the management to go through them and do the needful.

Nassnews: how have you been able to manage relationship between the parliament and the executive to avoid any conflict.

Hon Yelleman: Currently, there is a cordial relationship between the parliament and the executives. If they have dispute, the masses will suffer it majorly, more reason why it should be avoided. The aim is to ensure that Nigeria makes progress, we shouldn’t involve ourselves with personal interests. Nigeria first before anything else.

Nassnews: you were one of the over qualified candidates for speaker, please what happened.

Hon Yelleman: yes I qualified to be a speaker of the 10th National Assembly and I stated my reasons, but my attention was drawn to the northwest and service to my people. As a party loyalist i know to have smooth relationship between the parliament and the executive I need to calm down and stick to want Nigeria wants. I was among the first person to step down and comply with what my party wanted, and I I feel is a good decision. To be honest, the current speaker is a Phd holder, he has lots of cognizance and experience, he’s a legislature , so the choice is a right one and I am full support and ready to back all his policies and make sure the 10th Assembly leaves a legacy.

Nassnews: how do you score the 100 days leadership so far both Executive and Federal.

Hon Yelleman: It has been perfectly excellent, and I want to appreciate Nigerians for accommodating us to this level . Fuel subsidy is removed, the government is struggling to see how to straighten the economy and our masses are in support of what we are doing, they have hope in this association and we thank them for that. The president his excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu came into power and expanded the ministries just to touch every corner during his administration to ensure everyone have a sense of belonging. With this , we have scored high in 100days.
He is a talented politician , who was once a parliamentarian who know how to do a good job, his quite experienced. Recently the president travel yo Dubai to ensure Nigeria obtain visa,he handled the issue and today we are able to travel.

Nassnews: What have you done within your 100 days in office.

Hon Yelleman: In my constituency, I don’t restrict myself from assisting. Recently, this raining season I bought fertilizers for farmers and distributed it to reduce their hardship, I went to some communities that needed water and constructed solar powered bore holes for them to grant them access to clean water in the communities, also in two other local government I constructed normal bore holes for them. Also I have 22 wards, each local government has 11 wards, i requested for the names of 50 handicapped people from each ward and gave them money as a means of survival for them and their families. Within my 100days I also was able to get work for at-least 8 people in different organizations.

Nassnews: how did you get into politics?

Hon Yelleman: I worked as a civil servant till November 2018 , I resigned as a deputy director in the ministry of power and then joined politics. The parliament channels attracted me to politics , I watched representative members air their view and issue out ideas, talking about their constituents. I gradually grew interest join politics and rescue my constituents, give them a sense of belonging and make sure the benefit from the National level. I joined politics to contribute my own quota towards the development of my constituents, my state and Nigeria in general.

Nassnews: what do you think is the solution to our power problem?

Hon Yelleman: The major problem of power is not the government but the masses, are we paying for electricity consumption cost? Can we minimize the consumption and wastage of electricity?, Nigeria needs to comply, we can’t progress without keeping to the rules of the land. If Nigerians comply, we will be better than the likes of America and UK. Government is doing their part in terms of pumping money into the power sector. Other countries like Benin republic have uninterrupted power supply because they know the value and electricity and manages it effectively. The wastage of power supply in Nigeria only increases the cost of consumption.

Nassnews: What was growing up like for you?

Hon. Yelleman: I struggled to get to this stage, it wasn’t easy but through the aid of my prayers and my parents prayers too coupled with the fact that I wasn’t a mischievous son but an obedient one, I got rewarded for that and the sky became my starting point.

Nassnews: what is your advice to young Nigerians?

Hon yalleman: My advice to the young Nigerians is to be patient, the younger generation are currently in a hurry to get rich, rushing to to be in positions and so on. If only they pray and have patient, God will uplift them and they will successfully take over the affairs of this country peacefully.

Nassnews: Are you in support of the electricity hike in tariff.

Hon Yelleman: No. Nigeria are already battling with a lot, school fees, subsidy removal, high cost of food, transportation and so on.

Thank you.

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