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Hon. Dr. Samuel Adejare: Orphanages Should Be Well Monitored To Discourage The Abuse Of Children All Over

Adejare Samuel is a Nigerian politician at the House of Representatives. Adejare Samuel currently serves as the Federal Representative representing Agege Federal constituency in the 9th National Assembly he is a member of the APC.A Medical Doctor and a former Commissioner for Environment Lagos State.

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My name is Becky from NASSNEWS, officially can I meet you sir?
Thank you Becky, first of all I want to welcome you to my office.
I am Hon Dr. Samuel Babatunde Adejare, I represent the wonderful and good people of Agege federal constituency of Lagos State.
Question- Sir can I know little about you, how you came into politics, how was growing up like and as a young man what were your challenges trying to achieve them?
I grew up on the street from Lagos precisely Number 30 Aleta. They used to call our house Hallelujah. I attended St Paul Catholic Primary School in Apapa after which I went to secondary school and by the grace of God I was the senior prefect of the school in 1979. Thereafter I attended International School Ibadan for my A levels. I
read Medicine at the University of Ilorin and by the grace of God in 1988 I became a full Medical Doctor.
Growing up and trying to achieve my goals was quite challenging but am a child of destiny so it was possible for me to achieve them.
After college, I went to University of Ibadan to study Biochemistry, after the second year I rewrote JAMB and chose Medicine at University of Ilorin and I was admitted. It’s also on record that I am the only person that represented the school in all levels as a Senator. So the passion gave me the drive to join Politics. Politics and Medicine are almost the same in real life. Medicine is about relieving the life of people while politics is about making lives better for the people.
I am finding a way whereby when someone needs blood whether he/she has money or not it should be given to the person.
I’m still setting up a program that will create awareness for people to give blood, because even if you don’t give after 120 days the body replaces it with a new blood cells. We must also imbibe this act of donating blood to hospitals.
Question- let’s talk about the bill. The bill for an act to establish the Federal Capital Territory Orphanage (registration and Regulatory) Agency to regulate the Establishment and administration of orphanages and other related Institutions in the Federal Capital Territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; and for Related Matters. Sir what instigated you to bring up this bill?
I want to start from the fact, why I restricted it to
Federal Capital Territory. One, we are the House of Assembly, House of Representatives in the Federal Capital Territory
Two: the registration and regulations of orphanages is on the concurrent list so each state can legislate on it that is why I restricted it to Federal Capital Territory.
What led to this bill is because in 2006, UNESCO discovered that there’s child harvesting in
our country? People that believed to have had orphanage homes carry children, girls to other places and give to men to impregnate them and I can’t stand for that. I can’t stand for any abuse of women in any form. If you don’t have this kind of law in place you encourage such practices to trend. I want to thank my colleagues and the media for giving a nod to it.
Question- Sir can you analyze the advantages of this bill? What are you aiming at?
My aim is that even at home, if people are registering orphanages it should be well monitored to discourage the abuse of children all over.
Question- Since you joined politics what have you done differently?
I have been listening to yearnings and challenges of my people. I try everything within my power to help my people.
During covid, we distributed foodstuffs, money as low as 5k and as high as 50k we made sure our people felt our presence to take care of them during covid. It was on record, it is documented. I mapped out the needs of our community, we built a clinic, built classrooms, rehabilitation
of water works, we trained a lot of our people, computer repairs, website design, caterers, trainings in pig farming where about 200 people were given 100k to assist them, we did in fish farming too, gave a lot of empowerment, deep- freezers, sewing machines, generators, we will give buses too to aid transportation, we did medical outreaches next one will be surgeries where all kinds of surgeries will be done. We also fed and treated adults in conjunction with Lagos state government. We diagnosed hypertensive cases etc.
Question- As 2023 draws nearer what’s the big agenda for your people?
I just want to tell them that by the grace of God they should expect more than what they have seen.
It’s a pleasure once again.

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