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FG Should Complete Lambar Rimi Electricity Project – Hon Banye

FG Should Complete Lambar Rimi Electricity Project - Hon Banye

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A member of the House of Representatives representing Batagarawa/Charanchi/Rimi federal constituency in the 10th National Assembly, Honourable Usman Murtala Banye, speaks to NASSNEWS on Nigeria’s poor state of electricity and other National Issues

NASSNEWS: You have just sponsored a motion on the resuscitation of the abandoned wind power farm that has the capacity to generate 10 megawatts of electricity to the National Grid in Lambar Rimi, Katsina State. Why did you bring up this motion?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: I am Honourable Architect Usman Murtala Banye, member representing the people of Batagarawa/Charanchi/Rimi federal constituency from Katsina State and as you’ve seen yourself, I wrote this motion in the best interest of my constituents, my state and the whole northern region. This motion is about a basic infrastructure, which is power. Energy generation. There is no industrial development if there is no proper energy generation that could trigger economic development. So this project is an iconic one. It is the first of its kind in the whole of Nigeria.
For a country like Nigeria with a population of over 200 million and has an iconic project like that is about 95% completed, yet abandoned for many years, is terrible to our economical development. That was why it was situated at the centre of the heart of my constituency which is why I find it worthy of bringing up a motion so that a better action can be taken for the successful completion and commissioning. It was the taxpayers money that was used to start the project to its current stage. It must be completed to assist the nation’s developmental growth.
NASSNEWS: Do you think that this project is what they need right now at Lambar Rimi, Katsina State?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: Actually, it is more than what they need. It is what the state needs, it is what the region needs. 10 Megawatts of electricity, you know, it’s a very huge amount of energy that will required to energize so many factories, and homes. We needed to generate more and more revenue and you know, electricity will stimulate economic growth. All these cases of insecurity in the country are related to economic issues. So generating energy is fundamental and the cardinal basis for any economical development. So, to develop economically, you require an ample energy at your disposal so that your economic activities in terms of industrialization, small factories and so on. So, it is the basic, it is the prerequisite to economic development.

NASSNEWS: Why are you trying to revisit this project, are the proper manpower in place right now? If you are given the go-ahead to continue this project, do you have the proper manpower that are needed to make it work?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: What does it require to to commission? It doesn’t require much to commission, all these turbines are in place, most of them were tested, you know, transmission lines have been constructed. It is just to have a substation and I believe the civil work of that substation is 100% completed, it is just to have some transformers and a few installations that this generated energy will be transmitted into, before distribution. Though it requires a much lesser effort than the effort we have made before, so it requires very little energy to actualize this project. It requires a little effort from the government to kick-start and make this facility functional for the benefit of the society.

NASSNEWS: Okay, Sir. What is the state of this project now?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: It is about 96% completed. Once you go there, you will see things by yourself physically. I will ask some of my aides to take some pictures of it so that they can send it to you for publication.

NASSNEWS: Thank you so much, Sir, that would be much appreciated. What is left for this project to be completed?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: It is just to fine tune the nitty-gritty from technicality, bureaucracy and and certain installation for it to be functional.

NASSNEWS: Okay, Sir. What do you aim to achieve with this project for the people of Katsina State?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: Actually, as a representative, my aim is to protect my constituents and I will make sure that I follow up with this motion and all the necessary action would be taken upon and by the special grace of God, I know and I believe there are so many commitments to and from our fellow colleagues, especially those from Katsina, to back me up on this motion to make sure that this project is completed and commissioned.

NASSNEWS: Thank you so much, Sir. Last question and away from this matter, how has the office been so far, as a Honourable in the 10th Assembly?

HONOURABLE USMAN MURTALA BANYE: Being an Honourable in the 10th Assembly has been hectic, and challenging but it is all right because as a man, you have to face challenges, there are golden opportunities to at least deliberate on so many issues that you just use to hear them without any input. There are opportunities to participate in taking people’s decisions and it’s not an easy job per se, it is challenging. However, we are facing the challenge and we are amicably overcoming most of those challenges though we are in the learning process. I am just a few months old legislator, so I am at the incubation stage where you have and there are so many mistakes that would be made. Believe me, the 10th Assembly is one of the best assemblies and the vibrant, young parliamentarian they are very good in the learning process, they are fast learners and Nigerians should expect better days ahead.

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