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Insecurity: We as a nation have failed our young men and women – Senator Imbezim – That is why we are trying to establish this bill to create jobs

Insecurity: We as a nation have failed our young men and women - Senator Imbezim - That is why we are trying to establish this bill to create jobs

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Insecurity: We as a nation have failed our young men and women – Senator Imbezim
– That is why we are trying to establish this bill to create jobs

Nassnews: Can you tell us how you came into politics
Senator Imbezim: You are taking me back to memory lane where I started politics from university days because I was the director of transport in the university in Imo state and from then we started looking into national politics.
My dad had a foam factory, I was involved for a while after the university so I have to get away to United State to earn a little more. When i came back from united State i saw the need to raise a family and i stated politics and till today i are in politics.
Nassnews: After the last election you were able to clear up the challenges and come thus far to this moment, how has parliament been to you?
Senator Imbezim: In Imo North from the 7th and 8th Assembly there was an in-house fight so we didn’t have a representation for one year and five months and eventually my brother came in and stayed for five months and died, it was a big loss. Now that the present government is inaugurated, we are working hand in hand to sustain APC in the state. The first time I got in here, it was 27th of April 2021 if I check the calendar, I have just been in National Assembly for 8th months.
Nassnews: This is just 8th months and you brought up a bill, have you been nurturing this bill before you became a Senator?
Senator Imbezim: I have occupied several positions in politics however, of course we have a lot to be done in education, because there’s a lot of plagiarism so there will be fund that will regulate the research system. I know that once the research is done it will keep us in the right map so that it will encourage our lecturers and researchers to emulate what other great countries are doing.
Nassnews: What do Nigerians stand to gain with signing of bill haven known that there is a lot of research institutes in Nigeria.
Senator Imbezim: The truth is that research institutes cannot be over emphasized because they are there to assess the right funding and a lot of researchers and professors will do the research and checkmate the finance making sure the right thing is done.
Nassnews: Let’s talk about Politics and Security?
Senator Imbezim: I am one of those who believe that the emergence of Governor Hope Uzodima in Imo State is an emergence of Gods work. Every government should have a strong party and a strong opposition that is what I believe and every zone should do. Despite meager resources that goes to him as a governor he carries out gigantic infrastructures which really enucleated me to him. About security, Nigeria as a whole have a terrible security issue, the insecurity in the up north is massive and there should be every need to join forces to fight the insecurity. There should be no disparity between the zones, because what affect the up north in terms of security is a concern to other zones too as Nigeria is one. Our police stations have been destroyed by our people and if this is done it means there’s no law and order. In Imo state the government has come out to tell the people clearly what is happening, I have always called all the churches to get involved, I have also called other politicians of all divides to get involved. There is no way a country will go forward if there are no security issues. We as a nation have failed our young men and women because there is no job and after 10years of searching for job employers will say they are too old for it, that is why we are trying to establish this bill to create jobs. The issue of insecurity is lack jobs. Nigerians are good people and are doing exploits abroad so why are we here in Nigeria different. Imo state is not the worst state it happens everywhere, everyday.
Nassnews: What’s your big agenda?
Senator Imbezim: My coming to National Assembly was an emergence and I felt God touching me in my heart and during my campaign I always say, power belongs to God. As a senator, what is expected of us is to enhance bill that will benefit your society. We must do oversight functions, projects and hold MDAs accountable where necessary, when they fall short. I have been able to give over 60,000 to 1,000 people, i made sure Covid19 loan was given to my constituents because they don’t have representation for long, we have been able to get employment and grant to constituents. This year my 2022 agenda is to make sure that all the things i have put in the budget see the day light.
Nigeria is blessed, no earthquake, no harsh weather infact, let me tell you what I have done nationally, I am fighting for foundational education, I have blocks of classrooms now to do, our foundational institution is suffering today, we don’t have libraries and part of what my program will be is to teach children on unity. There are things we need to put right in this country to change it to the better Nigeria of our dream.
-Building research institutes
-Fundamental Education
On 2023, where should power go for unity, peace and progress and for this country to move forward, power should come to the south east. Laws are man-made, the same humans amend it, Nigerians are bringing in things that are not in the constitution. i.e., after North then is South, we must decide on fairness to able to fix Nigeria.
Nassnews: Who will you support for President in Nigeria?
Senator Imbezim: Who am supporting, i am supporting an Igbo man for presidency but it should be someone Nigerians want and we should learn from our past mistakes. Why should we look for a president that is old, we need a man that understands Nigeria who can move her as a great nation. Nigerians should show equity and if we have peace and unity, we will have progress.
Thank you.

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