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US Dollar supply surges by 76.62% in forex market as Naira appreciates

US Dollar supply surges by 76.62% in forex market as Naira appreciates

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so that every petty trader in the village, who is selling garri or palm oil, is talking about exchange rates.
Exchange rates, ordinarily, should be something that concerns foreign transactions with dollars. But everybody now understands that the Naira has no value, So what do we do?

The senator explained how to deal with the issue of over-dependence on dollars, saying that Nigeria should start seeking economic independence.

He further encouraged the president to close all foreign reserves, adding that through this the youths can be founded.

The PDP Senator exclaimed that all foreigners working in Nigeria, should not be allowed to be paid in dollars. “Let me just take you back a bit.

“Because you might not understand how this all began. We all got our independence.
We got our political independence.But tied us economically to their own manipulations.

“When I say they own, I’m talking about the Western societies. Britain, America , France and the western world what they did to us was not only done to Nigeria but to all the colonized countries they compelled our people.”

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