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The committee on public Account today queried the authority of the Nigeria Customary Court in National Assembly, Abuja. The query is based on different expenditures without due process. Some money were spent in different context without proper account. The Accountant General of the Federation working in conjunction with the committee in National Assembly relay the various expenses made without Account and the management of the Nigeria Customary Court, expected to clear themselves, took turn to answer the queries.

The Committee is concerned by the reskles spending of the management of the Customary Court.

An undisclosed sum of money as at press time was said to have been paid 3 times to Justice Mohammed Bello as allowances for thesame reason which is tagged mis appropriation of public fund.

The President of the Customary Court was said to have collected the money thrice without proper account.

In the queries of the Accountant General, the Federal Inland Revenue Service accuse the Customary Court of non Payment of tax on Internet and DSTV subscription, which means government is been denied of the value added tax.

The Chief Registrar confused, explained in defence of the Customary Court President, that the payment was made within a day for different reasons. A proof of the expenses was asked to be presented to the committee.

The Director of Finance accepted a non professionalism in his part, as faulted on non deduction of withholding taxes which is supposed to be returned to FIRS.

The query was step down for FIRS to advice the committee.



There was a rowdy moment on the floor of the house during the meeting of the committee on Public Account today as the Controller General of immigration requested for permission to bow out of the meeting of the committee on Invitation.

As custom demands, the request is to be subject to debate by the Committee Members.

Hon.Jisalo Bitrus who has just decamped from People Democratic Party
to APC, raised a motion, said the request made by the Controller General of Customs should not be granted due to the importance of the committee meeting and haven deliberately refused to honour previous Invitations by the committee.

Hon. Maren representing Plateau State, opposed the motion raised by Hon. Jisalo.

He said the controller general must have gotten a very important reason as a security system and in due regards he should be allowed to go without further delay.

The motion to grant the request as made by the CG received the favour of Hon. Chinda, the Committee Chairman committee on public account.

The CG of immigration eventually left for his mission leaving Deputy CG and other officers behind.



There was a hot confrontation between members today in the House of Representatives during the meeting of the Committee on Public Account.

Hon. Rimade confronted Hon. Jisalo for dear doing his legal duty of raising a motion during the committee meeting.

Hon. Jisalo Bitrus who just decamp to APC raised a motion against the Controller General of Immigration, who request to bow out of the committee meeting for other engagement.

He accused Jisalo of decamping to APC while the committee on Public Account is owned by a dominant number of PDP Lawmakers.

The accusation didn’t go down well with the Committee Chairman who quickly caution his Collegue, saying the Public Account Committee is a committee of the House of Representatives and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been owned by any political party regardless of the dominance.

He reiterated and continue the business of the day giving Jisalo an assurance of hope as a member of the committee.



The Committee on Public Account meeting on the floor of House of Representatives, National Assembly today chide the Police Service Commission for not acting on the ruling of the last meeting of the committee.

The Committee on Public Account in it’s last meeting with the Police Service Commission on Wednesday rule that the Commission should provide documents in relative to the auditor general query, to back up it’s defence.

The Committee also cautioned the Police Service Commission to be more careful in spending public funds. The police force have been tagged to be corrupt.

Public funds in a way should be used judiciously with accountability. The warning came on allegations of mismanagement from the Accountant General against the Police Service Commission. The Committee charged the Commission to be prudent in spending and awarding of contracts with Public funds.

The DFA pleaded with the Honourable members to intervene in the challenges faced in collecting receipt of remittance s made on behalf of the MDAs.

The MDAs were advised by the committee to write the Ministry of Finance in respect of their experience with bankers.



The House of Representatives has just sworn-in Mrs. Dorathy Mato as a replacement for Mr. Herman Hembe.

Hembe, a former Chairman, House Committee on Federal Capital Territory, was sacked by the Supreme Court on June 23.

The court decided that Mato was the validly elected candidate of the All Progressives Congress to represent Konshisha Federal Constituency of Benue State.

The inauguration of Mato came after much delay by the House.

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