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Buhari’s election’ funded by Saudi delegates

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Buhari’s election’ funded by Saudi delegates

Omoboye Adeboye

A group, the Mandate Protection Vanguard (MPV), has alleged that the delegation of Saudi Arabia that met with President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Abuja was a decoy by the oil rich country to bring in last minute cash to fund Buhari’s reelection.

A delegation from the Saudi King and led by Ahmad Qattan, Minister of state for African Affairs, met with President Buhari, who is also the APC presidential candidate on Saturday’s election ostensibly to discuss about oil quota.

Eromonsele revealed in a statement on Friday in Abuja that the visit was suspicious coming at the eve of the presidential election where the incumbent is a candidate.

The group said that Saudi Arabia brought the money for massive vote-buying in favour of the ruling APC and its presidential candidate, adding that “Saudi Arabia is working with elements in the country to have a foothold in Nigeria.”

He said if Buhari is not planning to Islamise Nigeria, why is this the first time Saudi Arabia is bringing money to support a presidential candidate in Nigeria’s election.

According to him: “We saw the Saudis came calling yesterday. The official line is that the Saudi delegation, which came from the King (therefore the Crown Prince) and was led by Ahmad Qattan, Minister of State for African Affairs, came to discuss OPEC quotas compliance. That was a decoy to bring in last minute cash to fund Buhari’s reelection.”

The group also observed that “It’s a bit of an incongruous tale. First, the discussion over oil quota would not be the brief of “African Affairs” in Saudi Arabia. Second, a junior minister of an inconspicuous ministry (not Saudi Oil Minister) doesn’t usually have expedited access to the President unless there is something very serious from higher up. Third, Buhari didn’t have any briefing on the issue from what we understand and merely promised to ask questions of Ibe Kachikwu. That suggests that this rendezvous did not take long to arrange.

“We don’t know why this feels like significant “foreign intervention” at this time, he queried.

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