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Senator representing Kogi central Yakubu Osseni speaking on the 9th lesgislative agenda.

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Senator representing kogi central Yakubu Osseni Speaking on the 9th legislative agenda.


This is a very nice job while commending the committee, I want to be a little bit differ because this is a special senate, the 9th senate and we have to and any thing we are doing have to be special so that we shouldn’t be doing things the same way and expect different result,so we must do something different in the 9th senate. Mr president I want to tell us that in budget it is obvious that over 10 years up till date year in year out we have been increasing budget on security and the result is always we are still having insecurity, insecurity is still on the rise in this nation so it means that it is not working so we have to do something different, if I may suggest we have to look inward into the kind of empowerment to our youths, in form of job creation because if you look at the perpetrators of this insecurity that we are talking about are majorly youths, it means that an ideal mind is the devils workshop so we really need to look at that and also industrialization you see a nation that is not industrialized can never grow economically and we have to in budgeting also we have to use brain to budget into certain sectors, there is in economics what we called scale of preference and a nation that want to succeed must apply it even to individual, scale of preference means that you have to prioritize were you want to fund and if I may suggest, I have seen that Nigeria we are carrying we are biting more than we can chew by ,carrying along all the MDA at once it means that we have to prioritize it in such a way like agriculture, there are certain sectors that if we touch it we have touched every thing particularly power for example if you touch power today and power is good it means that Nigeria has touched all the economy. If we look at agriculture and we touch it sincerely it means that we have touched every where in the economy. So Mr president I want us to sincerely look into this, by next month now we will start talking about budget, if you budget all the money in all the MDAs equally or the normal thing we have been doing, I don’t think that we will achieve any result that will be different from what we get before. So many countries that grow today they are very particular about MSC, MSMB, MSMB that is guided MSMB not by giving out money without training and all that, if we look at that because the far the economy can grow, it is the activities of individuals that grow economy not the government, if you take a look at Nigeria today every body wants to be engaged in government, every body wants to be employed by any MDA which is not possible. I want to share the opinion of the chief whip, in a nation where the capet is less than the current expenditure that economy is not growing at all, it is far far behind, in any nation that doesn’t have 70% capet to capital expenditure as against 30% recurrent that shows we are behind. I want to tell us that if we continue to be increasing the budget on security without increasing the budget of how to empower our youths that means we are still pouring water inside basket and I didn’t see us achieving any good result.

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