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Young Speakers take over States Assembly

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Young Speakers take over States Assembly


Adeboye Omoboye


Nigeria News takes a look at the young speakers at some States houses of assembly.

Can one say that Oyo State is lucky to have elected a 32-year-old Adebo Ogundoyin as the speaker of the House of Assembly?

And why the jubilation in Kwara that a 34-year-old Yakubu Saliu Danladi has emerged as the new speaker of the state assembly?

Why are the residents of Jos dancing on the peak of Plateau where the state lawmakers preferred a 33-year-old Abok Izam as their speaker?

It is because these speakers are young and vibrant. Youthfulness is steadily becoming a factor in Nigeria politics. Of course many of the old brigade are youthful at heart. But they sleep at the chambers when debate is going on most times.

Learnt that Ogundoyin was not eloquent and that he is a shy type, yet he has been elected to speak for the lawmakers and also direct the legislative proceedings in Oyo.

The best attribute of a lawmaker is in his ability to convince his colleagues, using his knowledge, eloquence and the oratory power to drive home his assertion over legislative issue.

The lawmakers sponsor bills to affect the state and most importantly the constituency they represent. Besides these, they are expected to perform oversight functions.

So the quality of a lawmaker goes beyond age, it includes experience and of course charisma to lobby his bill for passage.

These three new young speakers must have possessed some of these qualities to have earned themselves this position.

Their elections came without rancour, which means these young lawmakers are more experienced in politics and capacity to lobby their older colleagues.

Their election is expected to come with greater energy, fresh ideas and innovations that can hasten democratic process.

Of course the election of these young speakers must have had the inputs of their state governors and the political parties they belong to.

While banking on their energy to pass greater number of bills, the young speakers will need a lot of wisdom to lead state assemblies of modern time.

An assemblage of honourable lawmakers that will concentrate more on legislation rather than fighting for personal interests. An assembly that is devoid of budget padding and fault finding.

An assembly that is created to check and balance the work of the other arms of the government. An assembly that complements the works of the executive but not the one that is out to play politics along party line.

These young speakers will need to learn from such figure as the former Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Dr. Olorunnimbe Mamora who later became Senator of the Federal Republic.

Senator Mamora was equally young when he became the Speaker of the most sophisticated state House of Assembly in 1999.

He never allowed the investigation of the former State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to becloud his sense of judgment, maturity and erudition.

He made legislation interesting and built a legacy that his successors have found strong enough to create a modern Lagos.

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