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Who is the Father Of Hon. Lynda Ikpeazu’s Twins?

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Honourable Lynda Ikpeazu’s stewardship as a member of the House of Representatives may be a subject of debate but certainly, not her aptitude for keeping what is secret a secret. Few weeks after it escaped to the media that she gave birth to a beautiful set of twins, Lynda has been doing a great job concealing the identity of the man responsible for the kids, and thereby leaves room for speculations.Because of her attachment to Senator Andy Uba, some are pointing fingers in the direction of the Anambra politician. Lynda has never been discreet about her love and support for Uba. She has always rooted for him in all his political moves, and she makes no pretence about this. But that does not suffice as evidence of likely amorous relationship between the two legislators who have a rich history of political affiliation, although rumour has it that Senator Uba parted with some millions to get her a choice property in Maitama, Abuja.The rumour was dismissed by Andy’s apologists as the fabrication of certain mischievous individuals who derive joy in causing rancour in other people’s lives. There seems to be a well-orchestrated plot to tarnish the reputation of Dr. Uba, a gentleman to the core.Friends of Andy are, however, vouching for him and swearing by their mothers’ names that he is not the father and also not such an individual who would allow the spontaneity of his emotions to ruin a lifelong friendship.However, Lynda Ikpeazu is one lady whose story has always been told in conquest and miracles. Here is a woman whose foray into the high society was marked with victory as the maiden Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria back then in 1986.In 1987, she was the first Nigerian in Miss Universe since Edna Park in 1964, and her biggest pageant achievement was when she was crowned Miss Africa in the same year. She went on to conquer the social scene as she became the toast of every social function through the late 1980s and early 90s.The daughter of a judge and two-time chairman of the Nigeria Football Association, Chuba Ikpeazu, has hardly been an item with any known dude; and if any, she has been taciturn about it. Her conception and delivery of a twin, which came as a surprise, defied biological science that stipulates the golden age as the age of menopause. She put to bed at 52. Like a breakthrough scientific discovery, unravelling the man fathering her set of twins would be one hard nut well cracked.

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