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Senate moves to restrict FCT landlords to 3 months rent

Senate moves to restrict FCT landlords to 3 months rent

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Senate has passed for first reading, a bill seeking to restrict Landlords in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to collect three months rent from residents seeking new apartment in the FCT.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the bill, titled Advanced Rent (Residential Apartments, Office Spaces) Regulation Bill ,2022 was sponsored by Sen.Adeyemi(APC-Kogi-West).
Adeyemi, who spoke to journalists on details on the bill said it was important to begin to ensure that Legislations should not just be to impose penalty on the people.
He said there was an urgent need to enact laws that can directly affect the lives of the individuals in such a manner that Nigerians would be able to have three square meals and have a roof over their head
Adeyemi said:”some of the problems confronting our nation today is the high level of corruption and if you take a look at Abuja in particular, you see so many uncompleted houses, some of them you don’t even know the owners.
“Those, who own theses properties, did not secure loans for them,there are free money that people have gotten, illegal monies, and put up structures.
“And this structure are put out in such a manner that an average Nigerians can not afford it.
“Why do you think that some junior people go into corrupt practices, a good number of them is the struggle and effort to get their rent paid.
“Ask those who are paying rent in Abuja, the landlord will ask them to pay two years rent.
“So I came to the conclusion that we must put the law in place that when you are going to take an apartment ,the maximum of what a landlord should ask you to pay must be three months, after three months, you can then begin to pay monthly.
“You do not allow the society to live in a manner that people can be reckless in the so called what they have, whatever,they have in the way of assets, you must have the consideration that you have a duty to protect others, not to use your wealth to oppress people and make some people to commite succide.
“There are families that have broken up because the man of the house could not pay the rent, and some have been pushed out because the landlord asked them to pay for two years.
“If people will have to manage with their spouse to pay, we should be able to put the law in place in such that no body will be oppressed,”Adeyemi explained.
According to him the bill was designed to compel the land lords in the FCT not to charge more than three months rent for those who are seeking new apartment and monthly subsequent payment.

He said the bill also seeks to ensure that tenants are not ejected untill after six months if they were not able to pay.
He said it was important to put laws in place to protect the majority of Nigerians, who are poor, saying that there are many bills coming up that would protect the people.

“I own my God and the people to purse laws to protect the people”, Adeyemi said.
He said he was also going to engage the Civil Society Groups (CSOs)and the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to canvases more support for the bill.

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