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by Ester Ososanya

The House of Representatives has urged the Federal Government, states and university authorities, to set up an anti-cultism vanguard to tackle the menace of secret cults.
This is sequel to a motion of urgent public importance raised on the floor of the house by Honourable Henry Nwawuba.
He noted that universities, primary and secondary schools which was supposed to be proper places for educating youths and children in character and learning, had become the bedrock of perpetrating evil.
Nwawuba also lamented that the death of young people in recent times is associated with secret cultic activities which triggers a lot of calamities saying: “if you take a look at the security situation in Nigeria today, day in, day out, we debate matters that relate to different aspects of security in Nigeria. Today before us I bring a motion that perhaps can take us to the roots of the matter.
The issue of cultism in Nigeria today Mr. Speaker, is a well known fact.
“When I was growing up, cultism was strictly a university setting affair but today in Nigeria, many communities, many villages, many homes have been wrecked by the menace of cultism.
It is very shocking to know that even in our primary and secondary schools today, there are cults that have gone out to recruit children and all for what, to unleash violence, to unleash mayhem and to unleash terror in Nigeria which has lead to the death of so many young souls Nationwide.
“I think that as this house moves towards a legislative solution to tackle the issue of insecurity, perhaps we need to unbundle some of the components that make up insecurity in Nigeria and say let us take cultism and perhaps when we resolve the issue of cultism we have solved the issue of armed robbery, if we resolve the issue of cultism, we have tackled kidnapping, or other forms of insecurity”.
Though a few lawmakers blamed the Government for been too linent with these perpetrators, most of them supported the motion and proposed solutions.
They also called for better equipment of security agencies and total involvement of clergies, as cultism is becoming a threat to national security.
The motion was unanimously adopted with a voice note.
Before Wednesdays plenary was adjourned, the green Chambers received other thirty seven bills which were read for the first time on the floor.
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