The member representing Uyo/Uruan/ Nsit Atai/ Ibesikpo Asutan Federal Constituencies,

speaking with some journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, Hon Enyong said “no amount such pictures would cow him from going on with his policy of reaching out to his constituents who have never had it so good in the history of representation constituencies under his watch have been receiving”.

The Akwa Ibom lawmaker while explaining to newsmen the mischief perpetrated by his political enemies explained that some persons opened a facebook account with the fictitious name” Emem Etinah”, with which hatchets job of damaging his political image were being done.

According to him, an internet generated picture of an expectant mother from the website of the World Health Organization, WHO was circulated on the internet by a fictitious blog post, where it was reported that the lawmaker got a woman (Reginald Christopher) pregnant and had paid her three hundred thousand naira (N300,000.00) to terminate the pregnancy which the woman in question failed to do, the woman was said to have emerged again to blackmail the lawmaker forcing him to path with another seven hundred thousand naira (N700,000.00).

“People should ask Emem Etinah what do you stand to gain? If people feel I am a threat to them, then let’s meet on the field”

Enyong at the briefing on Tuesday evening showed journalists the pictures of three expectant women with the woman from the far right position wearing a pink T-shirt, said to be his alleged estranged mistress. The picture in question was actually lifted from the WHO website and was used to explain how Women in Africa were successfully taking malaria drugs without having side-effects

“In as much as I want this to die out naturally, it is only rational that I insist that the security agencies get to the bottom of this particular development”

“Anyway, I forgive them, because I know that they won’t attempt this kind of prank again”.

Nassnews however discovered that some politicians who are not happy with the action of Enyong may be behind the matter.

Our investigation uncovered the fact that the lawmaker recently endorsed a different candidate for the State House of Assembly, due to what Enyong termed non performance of the house member presently occupying the seat.

When confronted on the matter the lawmaker simply clarified “ I represent my people well and if I cannot deliver my four wards in the next election due to non performance of a certain person then I don’t know local politics”

“The primary assignment of a lawmaker is to make laws, the issue with empowerment is secondary, if as a lawmaker I have no record of ever sponsoring a motion or bringing a Bill for approval, then tell me what am I doing here, it’s that simple”. He said