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Iyawe: Multiple Taxation Killing Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria* 

Iyawe: Multiple Taxation Killing Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria* 

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*Iyawe: Multiple Taxation Killing Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria*


Honorable Esosa Iyawe represent the Oredo federal constituency in Edo State, he speaks with NASSNEWS on challenges of small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria.





NASSNEWS: Kindly introduce yourself Sir.



HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE : I am Honorable Engineer Esosa Iyawe. I represents the Oredo federal constituency in Edo State.



NASSNEWS: Why did you move your latest motion sir?



HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE: I believe that the Federal Government and the executive basically are after excess expenditure in government and leakages of funds from its purse. So, moving this motion will definitely save the Federation from revenue loss arising from leakages from the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS).



NASSNEWS: In your motion, you said small scale businesses in Nigeria are being frustrated by multiple taxation by the FIRS, state and local governments while the multinational companies and other corporate organizations are getting the kid love treatment”. Why do you think this is the case?



HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE: I have had instances where, being a member of the committee on Finance, I’ve been privileged in my state to meet with some of the traders and some companies, where issues of multiple taxations came up. I promised them that I will try and do something about it, which is one of the reasons I had to move the motion. You know, that is still part of leakages in the tax revenue and revenue generation in the country and the anomaly must be corrected, I believe that citizens of Nigeria will get the accurate value for money and not excessive expenses.



NASSNEWS: what are the steps to be taken to resolve the revenue leakages that you have identified?



HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE: First of all, I know the chairman of the committee of finance and public accounts are very proactive and vibrant. In as much as the first prayer stated that we mandated the FIRS to work on it, I believe that they will definitely heed the prayer. I tends to get those chairmen to invite most of all the revenue generating agencies and companies to look at their books in order to find out whether they are remitting the tax they are collecting or whether they are collecting the accurate tax that they are mandated to do. When it comes to issues of double taxation, those involved can have a platform to get probably a rebate or refund.


NASSNEWS: What is the benefit of this motion to the ordinary man?


HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE : The ordinary man, if the economy works, and if the federal government can generate revenues from this motion, I believe the issue of the food crisis will definitely managed through this. You know, there are lots of things that the federal government are working on. I think with this motion, the common man will feel the impact of true governance and the hardship will reduce.



NASSNEWS: Moving forward, we can all see and feel the condition of things in Nigeria? Everyone is affected. What do you think the government can do to at least, reduce the worries of Nigerians?



HONOURABLE ESOSA IYAWE: Government at all tiers should focus more on investing in the food sector, the agriculture sector, basically. You know the subsidy on the petroleum products had been removed, and I was expecting the federal government to have a detailed implementation of the subsidy removal, by channeling, if not hundred percent, proceeds to the food sector. If we can subsidize food in this country, I believe, people will be more productive, the hardship and inflation will reduce that, as I said, earlier leakages that have been occurring in the past. I believe that with the help of my colleagues, I’ve seen motions on bills moved by my colleagues. And I think we all wish the executive will generate more revenue for the country, and at the same time, help in the area of farming.



NASSNEWS: Let’s look at the issue of insecurity, kidnapping to be precise. It is now a lucrative business in Nigeria. The reason I said so is because in recent times, the criminals now think that nothing is going to happen, that they can Just kidnap anybody, collect ransom, and continue the routine without fear of getting caught. What do you think can be done to reduce or eradicate menace?



HONOURABLE ESOSO IYAWE: All thes vices tickle down to the hardship confronting Nigerians. I believe if we look into things like increasing the minimum wage, and getting the inflation reduced, I believe a hungry man will not be an angry man and the crime rate will reduce. Insecurity is still a very big factor when it comes to the agric sector because of the bandits as they call them, people don’t go to the farms anymore. And if we can tackle that, I think the crime rate will reduce. I’m also in support of community policing, because it takes indigenes to know the criminals in their indigenous areas. So like my state, Edo, security vigilante network, had really reduced the crime rates in Benin City, in my constituency. And I think if every state could emulate community policing, banditry will reduce. Another factor is something I read earlier about a colleague of mine, Chairman Committee on financial crimes; Honourable Ginger Obinna, he did a very good move by summoning the CEO of Binance cryptocurrency platform because that is another channel where I think they said the ransoms are being paid. So if we can tackle that aspect of where those ransoms are being paid, and trace monies to most of all these criminals can discourage the act of banditry and kidnapping.

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