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Ikenga: A Beacon of Justice and Resilience By SA Adebayo

Ikenga: A Beacon of Justice and Resilience By SA Adebayo

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Ikenga: A Beacon of Justice and Resilience
By SA Adebayo

In the political landscape of Nigeria, the game of politics unfolds as a high-stakes endeavor. Long-standing generals refuse to yield their positions to the new guard, who, once in power, swiftly retire their predecessors. The pursuit of power drives many to explore both lawful and underhanded means.
The political clash of titans in Imo State did take a unique turn, particularly with the Election Petition Tribunal’s decision that nullified the election of Hon. Ugochinyere Ikenga, a sitting member of the House representing the Ideato North/South Federal Constituency. This decision truly stirred a range of emotions among Imo State residents, with many believing that Hon. Ikenga genuinely won the election by a significant margin, despite the numerous obstacles set in his path, allegedly orchestrated by the Imo State government under Governor Hope Uzodimma’s administration.
Imo State, particularly the Ideato constituency, has found its voice in Hon. Ikenga, who has made an unexpected impact on the state’s political landscape. Prior to his role as an honorable representative of the Ideato North/South Federal Constituency, he served as the spokesperson for the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) and tirelessly championed the cause of good governance in the country. His efforts included challenging the policies of the APC government under President Buhari and exposing their shortcomings, which, in the view of many, have contributed to the nation’s current economic challenges.
Throughout his journey, Hon. Ikenga consistently adhered to the rule of law, defending his stance within the framework of legal principles. He often took his battles to the highest court in the land, and the legal decisions consistently exonerated him from allegations brought against him.
Hon. Ikenga, a legal practitioner and a shrewd individual, foresaw his eventual victory in the House of Representatives election in Imo State, which irked his opponents. Consequently, he faced numerous attacks, including attempts to smear his reputation with corruption allegations, all of which were debunked by the courts. Furthermore, his family home fell victim to an attack by unknown gunmen, believed to be associated with the Imo State government, resulting in the loss of his relatives and supporters. However, he narrowly escaped unharmed, seemingly by divine intervention.
In an election where the people of Imo State believed he emerged victorious, the INEC result was overturned by the Imo State Election Petition Tribunal, citing invalid candidacy for his constituency. It is a surprising turn of events, but not entirely unexpected given the powerful forces aligned against him.
The determination to use power to silence Hon. Ikenga in Imo politics has raised alarms, and all Ideato youth must lawfully oppose such injustice. This is not only a violation of democratic principles but also a threat to the “Not Too Young to Run” bill in the country. This act can be likened to the big cock suppressing the crowing of the small cock, an attempt to stifle the youth’s voice in Imo State, particularly those who have made their mark in the country, including Hon. Ikenga.
Against formidable challenges, Hon. Ikenga, akin to the biblical David confronting Goliath, remains resolute in upholding justice and the rule of law. His trust in the judiciary to reclaim his mandate at the Appeal Court reflects his commitment to peaceful resolution, diverging from the self-help or violent measures employed by certain political figures in the state. Hon. Ikenga draws strength from his namesake, “Ikenga,” an Igbo traditional myth symbolizing a man’s strength. His decision to pursue justice in court has been vindicated, with the unanimous judgment at the appeal court ultimately restoring the mandate bestowed upon him by the people of the Ideato North/South constituency in Imo State.
Justice Abubakar Babandi Gumel’s decisive ruling at the Appeal Court overturned the earlier Tribunal decision that nullified Hon. Ikenga’s election. This victory lays to rest the disruptive actions instigated by certain political figures in the state, aiming to stifle the pursuit of justice, equity, good governance, and the rightful dividends of democracy for the common people of Ideato North/South constituency, whom Hon. Ugochinyere Ikenga faithfully represents in Imo State.

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