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Adeboye Omoboye Oluwole from the house of Representatives

If you go to animal kingdom, the ones that feed on blood dominates, on land the human beings that drinks blood dominates the land. I Dogara dominates because I drink the blood of Jesus.

December 26 is a date to remember for the birth of the amiable Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Yakubu Dogara.
He attained a golden year of 50 this time and decided to mark it in a big way. The celebration started with a thanksgiving service at Living Faith Church, Winners Chapel, Goshen City, Abuja.
Bishop David Abioye in his goodwill message to the celebrants and well wishers said ‘no one will remember you for the number of cars and Houses you have but the extent of impacts you have made on People. No matter where you find yourself to lead as a leader if you lose focus you loose everything.
Dogara got everything because he puts people as number one priority. He said, he didn’t jump up the ladder of greatness but climbing on the ladder of greatness. So anyone serving must climb up the ladder if you don’t want to be called an ‘Ex’.
Every great person in life must first be a servant. There is nothing in tittle except in thanks, Abioye said. Reputation is what you present yourself while Character what you are!
The celebrant Hon. Yakubu Dogara got the microphone and amazed everybody with his hailing story. Dogara said anyone who knows him from childhood knows he is a miracle boy turned 50 today. He joined Living Faith Church in 1988 with the leading of the Holy Spirit. No one led me to Christ, he said. I read a lot. I got a book and read everything inside the book. Following everything inside the book, I told myself that if God can answer me according to what is written in the book I will generally follow him, he said. He said he was overwhelmed by the one that is greater than the author of the book so before he could say anything he has started speaking in tongues. I went outside on the street of Bauchi and found a church, the Holy Spirit told me to join the congregation unknown to me, it happens to be Living Faith Church, he said. Dogara said he doesn’t joke with offerings and that’s why God is lifting him. I was a preacher of the Bible because I go out to preach to people like any other person. They told my father that I have joined cult and I now drink blood. My father took his time to confront me that he heard I am now a cult member. Not only you are a member but a ring leader in the cult group, that you drink blood and use magic oil. Dogara said he replied his father that if it’s about drinking blood I learnt it from you, as we take holy Communion together when we go to church, so that silenced him.
If you go to animal kingdom, the ones that feed on blood dominates, on land the being that drinks blood dominates, I Dogara dominates because I drink the blood of Jesus. As per magic oil, I had miscles with wounds, I sat my father down and told my sibblings to bring cooking oil, I took a portion and prayed on it and applied it on my wound and left. After few days the wound went and that ends the story of magic oil, he said.

I dedicated my service year to God, Dogara said. I took up the Organizing secretary and editor in chief of the Christian Corpers Magazine, Dogara said.
During one of the Corpers annual conference I started coughing blood and was diagnosed of tuberculosis. I felt an unusual touch after a group of people from the church came to pray for me, I was in a vision when I saw Jesus himself Who asked me to follow him. When I couldn’t see him anymore, an angel appeared, took me up and showed me everything that will happen to me for good in life. My memory went blank when I sat up to write what the angel told me, I couldn’t tell what he said to me, but I have seen most of them come to pass. I was healed of tuberculosis three days after that experience. My son was healed too of Sicklecell Anemia. I have determined to increase my tithe from 10% to 12.5% and still moving it further, Dogara said.
He said he was in church one day and had 2000$ with him. The holy Spirit minister to him to drop the money for a family and he reluctantly agreed. In return, he was given 25000$ and 30000$ respectively by another person, givers don’t lack, he said. The celebrant finally resolved that even if God will not give him more in life, he will continue to serve him. Isn’t Dogara a miracle man @ 50!

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