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The Kaduna state house of assembly has passed a bill for pre-marital medical examination before marriage in kaduna state. The Deputy Speaker Hon. Audu John Gwatoro while speaking today at the Kaduna state house of assembly gave his primary purpose of the bill as follows.

1. That the primary purpose of this bill is to enable those intend to go into a marriage institution, thus; there is need toGuide the people and provide them with legal framework to actualised their aspiration. 

2. To enable the intending couples to know their health status before marriage, that any person intending to marry shall submit himself to medical examination before the conduct of the marriage, the medical examination referred to shall be conducted twice; three(3) months before the marriage and two weeks to the marriage, the marriage examination shall be conducted simultaneously for both parties in an approved health facilities and the results shall be explained to themby a medical doctor who must issue a certificate, the certificate shall be signed by a qualified medical doctor stating his full names, qualifications and place of work, the medical results shall be kept confidential and only to be handle by the parties over to the person who is to conduct the marriage contract in the presence of witnesses. He added that no person shall formalised any marriage contract for any person wishing to marry without medical certificate issued by a qualified medical doctor in respect of both parties and any persons who contravenes any of the provisions of this law commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine of not less than One Hundred Thousand Naira (#100,000.00) or imprisonment of not less than Six Months or both, and any Health facility, Health worker or any other person who issues a false results or assist in the issuance of same commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine of Two Hundred Thousand (#200,000.00) or imprisonment for not less than One year (1 year)or both. He also added that it shall be the function of the various state health agencies to monitor, ensure and enforce compliance with the provisions of this law that the village heads in conjunction with ward heads shall monitor and enforce compliance with the provisions of this law within the wards and to provide monthly progress report to the local government committee Immediately after the sitting, in an interview with Hon.Nuhu Goroh Machu chadalafia the chairman committee on information. 


Question: May I meet u sir. 

Answer: Yes, my names are Hon. Nuhu Goroh Machu Chadalafia the chairman committee on information.

Question : At times is not just passing the bills into laws that matters, but how effective the public take it and how they will all understand the importance of this bill to them. 

Answer: The passage of this pre-marital examination bill 2017 is one aspect that will boosts the life span of our families and promote the economy well-being of the people and also creates more awareness to the public of the existence of certain illness of diseases that hindered to people not to take it to cognisant before they get into marriage and later on having serious crises in their home, by the passage of this bill and when the executive governor consent to it, it will mean that they will be serious sensitivity programme and I called on the executive arm of government to be sure of serious sensitisation, public enlightenment programme, leave let should be sent to various community translated into different languages and taken it to the grass root just like you see in the bill we make more emphasis on the word because at the world level, the village head, world health know their subject very well and if any one that will want to contact any marriage outside their knowledge is going to be very bad but we believe they would know the knowledge of everything but the government should sanitised the public ensure that before the law take effect Serious mobilisation must be carried out using the media like radio,television,social media even little pamphlet, organised drama at different community gathering and also make sure that messages have been sent to our churches and mosque during prayer time and other festival program so these messages can actually get to the grass roots so that when you are caught contravenes against the law you can not have any excuse because you have the knowledge and full information of what the law is all about so I want to encourage and also urge, the governor whom I know would not want to take it likely because is much concern about the well-being and health of his people. 

Question : Knowing that this is a private bill and thank God is coming out from Mr Speaker, the issue of sensitisation, I want to believe that it has to start from here been a private bill and do you have to pushed to ensure what you just said is realise?

Answer: Well, as a members we are part of the bill the bill is coming from mr Speaker and we are also part of the process of actualizing the dream of mr speaker to have his bill pass through and we also at our own level as honourable members representing our various constituencies we also organise sensitisation programs to also give the programme a boost at every opportunity we have, during our meeting, rally or visitation we will make mention of this particular bills to the public and I believe is going to serve as a very good deal to our public. 

Question : One issue we argue with you the other time was the issue of fine, instead of making cheap penalty for making it Two Hundred Thousand Naira ( #200,000.00) (#100,000.00) One Hundred Thousand Naira has finally been approved does it make it solid. 

Answer:  There are two option, you pay a fine of #100,000 or you go to jail or both can be administered to you and I think is enough punitive measure and it will sound as a warning for others and for the health personal who knows the law very well and also know the right of the public and decide to give them fake certificate or fake result they stand to suffer it, the law is there #200,000 or they go to one year imprisonment or both is at the discretion of the court judges we Sharia court, Customary court and Magistrate court to both handle the issue. 

Reporter: Bunmi Joshua for Kaduna House of Assembly.



Kaduna State government have proposed fifty thousand metric tonnes of fertiliser as one of its mechanism to ensure success in this year farming season. The chairman House committee on Agriculture and forestry at the state House of Assembly Alhaji Kasim Iliyasawa disclosed this to news men in Kaduna.
Alhaji Kasim Iliyasawa explained that all arrangements have been concluded on the sales of fertiliser and all farm inputs to farmers across the state. Alhaji Kasim Iliyasawa added that the state government adopted measures towards ensuring fixed price, the chairman also said about 1.5 million farmers are targeted in the state project and expected improvement from fifty thousand hectares that was utilised last year to one hundred thousand hectares this year for bases of fertiliser. According to him the state government is ready to provide loans for the farmers and called on farmers to ensure repayment of their loans for the progress of Agricultural activities in the state. He said, although about sixty to seventy percent of the last year beneficiaries repay their loan and express hope that thirty to forty percent would repay their loan for the benefit of others this year. The chairman of the committee assured government commitment to avoid depending on petroleum and develop Agricultural activities in the country. 

Bunmi Joshua. Kaduna State House of Assembly



The kaduna state media corporation (KSMC) will be fully digitised next year. This was made known by the speaker of Kaduna State House of Assembly RT Hon. Aminu Abdullahi Shagali during the Kaduna State media corporation courtesy visit to the house. The managing director of Kaduna State media corporation, Mal Ibrahim Ismaila Ahmed said since his resumption into office last year he has been faced with problems which has hindered the growth and development of the corporation. He said after a whole year of effort and appropriation of #2.6 billion, the year 2016 went without much achievement in moving Kaduna State media corporation (KSMC) forward, but to avoid what had happened last year the appropriated budget of #1.78billion allocated to KSMC this year has started undergoing procurement processes to avoid delay. And to commence the opening of financial bids for four different procurements such as the multi billion naira building of KSMC, the total renovation and rehabilitation of the corporation head quarters and studios as well as the engagement of a consultant on digitisation equipment and the upgrade of radio and television equipment. The procurements most of which are hoped to be completed by MAY will transform KSMC and boost it’s current television service to 18 hours a day from current 5 hours, it will also ensure KSTV to be seen on star times, NALSAT and other digital terrestrial platform in the country. Adding that it will raise the standard of our environment, re invigorate our excellent radio broadcasts and boosts our revenue streams all over the country, he said. Mal Ibrahim assures that these measures taken will re position KSMC to begins it’s journey
of becoming a world class broadcasting outfit as envisaged by his excellency Mal Nasir Elrufai. He made the following prayers to ensure that information dissemination is given its rightful place in Kaduna state, that KSMC recurrent expenditure allocation in 2017 be raised to accommodate #15million overhead in the supplementary appropriation to ensure the merger of radio, television and online as part of the digitisation process, that KSMC be truly placed on standing order in the release of monthly overheads to avoid interruption in power and programming. The house emphasis to ensures that KSMC digitisation projects are completed in the first quarter of 2018, and the Hon. Speaker should prevails on Hon. Members to take more interest in KSMC and give it priority in terms of attention and patronage on better service delivery. Speaking during the visit, Hon.Aminu Abdullahi Shagali the Speaker of House Kaduna State House of Assembly appreciated their visitors and gave his assurance that all their problems which they highlighted will be fully looked into and treated, adding that the major issue facing the organisation which is digitisation will be treated in the first quarter of next year (2018). He also assures them of his full support and that they will make sure things are done the right way for a better and greater Kaduna state.        

Bunmi Joshua. Kaduna State House of Assembly

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