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Balarabe Musa reveals reason behind Presidency, National Assembly rift


Balarabe Musa reveals reason behind Presidency, National Assembly rift

Elder statesman and Second Republic governor of the old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, on Friday attributed the ongoing tussle between the Presidency and the National Assembly to ‘self-interest.’

According to the outspoken former lawmaker, unless the current political system was changed, Nigerians would continue to be short-changed by those who have relegated national interest to the background.
President Buhari, he stressed, must use such powers to reconcile all Nigerians and allow the people take ownership of government.

“First, as the executive President and Commander-in-Chief, the President should use relevant provisions of the 1999 Constitution to reconcile Nigerians, so that everyone would believe in the unity and oneness of Nigeria,” he said.

“Secondly, change the system from the current one that is based on self-interest first and national interest second, to national interest first and self-interest second.
“To do this, the President should change the economic direction of the country and bring back the leading role of the state to take charge of the economy as we had in the 1970s or even before the 1966 coup”, he added.

Balarabe advised the administration to remodel and intensify its fight against corruption to bring back peoples’ confidence in government.

The former governor expressed confidence that if the measures were taken, the people would take ownership of government and end the self-serving crises being witnessed now in the country.
“This will ensure peace, equality and justice, dignity of the human person and even development of the country.

“We cannot afford the privatisation of state assets because no country in the world relies on full privatisation to make progress,” he added.

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